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MobilityKart Fast Assembled Hydraulic Patient Lift

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Experience the convenience and safety of the Hydraulic Patient Lift and Transfer Wheelchair, a versatile solution designed to enhance patient care and ease caregiving responsibilities. This innovative equipment offers a range of features that cater to various needs, making it an indispensable addition to any care environment.

Product Description

Functionality at its best: it serves as a patient lift, wheelchair, bedside commode, and bathroom chair.

seamless transition from wheelchair to toilet or shower, reducing strain on caregivers.

efficiently maneuvers over most toilets, ensuring a smooth transfer experience.

Premium Hydraulic Pump:

Gradual and secure patient lifting and transferring from any position

adjustable seat height from 17.3 to 24 inches, accommodating different user heights.

180° split seat base for smooth movement of immobile patients, wheelchair users, and more.

The 4.7-inch under-bed gap allows easy access beneath most beds.

– Wide 46cm seat with soft foam cushion for added comfort during use.

Enhanced Safety:

front and rear silent casters with a locking mechanism for secure wheelchair placement.

360° movable backcasters for easy directional changes

Adjustable rear back seat locks and front armrest fall prevention ensure patient safety.

sturdy steel pipe support frame (2.0mm thickness) for durability and stability.

Bath Chair and Commode Functionality:

seamless integration as a shower toilet, eliminating the need for seat changes.

commode opening for convenient toileting and personal hygiene access.

Additional toilet buckets with lids are provided for user comfort.

Engage or release functions with a foot pedal for ease of use.

Professional and Home Use:

ideal for both home care and medical facilities, serving a wide range of needs.

lightweight and portable design for accessible or roll-in showers, making the most of limited space.

perfect for the elderly, disabled, and handicapped patients.

maximum load capacity of 150 kg, suitable for individuals between 4’5″ and 6’6″ tall.

Unlock a new level of patient care with the Hydraulic Patient Lift and Transfer Wheelchair. Experience its versatile capabilities and robust safety features, ensuring a smooth and secure caregiving process for all users.


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